Lists Upgrade

The lists system is a useful tool in ggKbase - it allows users to categorize genes on associated annotation. As the number of lists has increased from the contribution of our users as well as by adding the HMM lists, we have realized the need to be able to access and edit lists more easily. Also, we want to make it easier for users to copy from other users' public lists.

In this upgrade, the lists system will take advantage of the search aggregations, as illustrated by the checkboxes on the left sidebar, below. Users can start by entering a search term in the Search box. The search term will search against the lists title, author, categories, the various types of tokens, and list owner names. Upon getting the search results, users can further filter by clicking on the different "facets" on the left sidebar.

In addition to improving the searching and browsing experience for the lists system, we make all the user generated public lists AND the universal lists available for the ggKbase logged-in users to copy and refine as desired.

If you have any feedback and suggestions about further improvement for the lists system, please drop us a note: ggkbase-ticket[at]

Brian and Shufei