Genome Summary Upgrade

Genome Summary, an important tool in ggKbase, has been significantly upgraded in its user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and system performance.

For the UI/UX improvement, the Project Selection page has been removed. Instead there is now a Project Selection menu, similar to the Organism Selection and List Selection menus you are already familiar with. This change allows users to dynamically change which projects are included on a genome summary. The Project Selection menu button is located on the same page of the other selection menu buttons. Having access to projects from the genome summary page streamlines the genome summary creation process.

For the performance improvements, the system for fetching the Genome Summary matrix data has been completely re-engineered. Client requests are more specific now, and data sets generated by the server are optimized. As a result, the amount of data transferred over the network is smaller and the amount of data that the browser needs to handle is smaller.  These result in much faster rendering times, especially for very large numbers of organisms and/or lists. In addition, there have been many UI bugfixes with the selection menu code.

Users can now create a genome summary at a fraction of the time they previously had to spend. We hope that the zippier interaction with Genome Summary can facilitate more scientific discoveries.