New Download System on ggKbase

New ggKbase Downloading

New download system on ggKbase

We've re-engineered the download system on ggKbase.  ggKbase offers many different types of files to be downloaded directly and this feature is very heavily used!  Up to this point, a request to download any type of file for an organism bin would trigger the creation of ALL the files for that bin. This was unnecessarily taxing our system, especially since most of the download requests are for a few of the smaller files (e.g. 16s sequences or contig taxonomy details).  On some larger projects, like from soil, it could take many hours to generate all the files!

The new system solves this problem by treating each file as a separate file creation/download event.  For example, this will allow a user to download all the 16S sequences for a project without triggering the building of the contig sequences files, proteins file, genes files, etc.

Additionally, there is a much cleaner visualization of the project downloads page (e.g. CN-SCN) as well as the dropdown download menu found throughout the site.  We made updates to the status of the file downloads more responsive as well. As you click on a red icon for a file (indicates the file is not ready for download), it will go to yellow (indicates file is being created) and stay that way until the file is ready for download. Eventually, the yellow image will turn into the green checkmark (indicating the file is ready for download) and clicking on any green icon will trigger the actual download to your computer.


We're working to provide more options for downloading as well, so look for further improvements in the near futures.

As always, tell us about any problems using our in-ggKbase Help system.



bct & Shufei