ggKbase provides several ways to find information in the system. There are two search boxes on the top grey banner that appear throughout the site. In addition to that, you can click on the Advanced Search to conduct more fine-tuned searches using Boolean logic as well as setting the scope by projects.

Search on the banner

These two search boxes are accessible anywhere on the site.

Find by Name

You can search ggKbase according to the names of features (a.k.a. genes), contigs, and/or organisms - the three checkboxes below the first search box. If you didn't select any of these checkboxes, it defaults to all.

Find by name search box.

Find by name search box.

You will be taken to a different page called "Name Search" after the search is over.

Display search results by name.

Display search results by name.

You can drill down on the search results on this page.

Find by Annotations

You can find genes by searching annotations.

Search genes by annotations.

Using this search box will take you to the Advanced Feature Search page.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page allows you set the search terms with logical categories, ANY, ALL, or EXCLUDE, also setting the PROJECT scope, which would speed up the search process.

The results are displayed along with other aggregated facets information, which would allow you to further filter the search results.

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