Projects under the NCBI Rifle umbrella

At NCBI related BioProjects can be subsumed under a single umbrella project. For example, all  Rifle-related project are associated with the Rifle umbrella project  (BioProject ID PRJNA217089).

For reference, here is a full list of project submissions under the Rifle umbrella:

BioProjectID ggKbase equivalent NCBI project type
PRJNA263282  Long read Moleculo data of a 5m / 16 ft sample from terrestrial sediment (Itai) Genome sequencing
PRJNA114691  Rifle ACD (Kelly W.) Metagenome
PRJNA268031  GW2011 12 Groundwater samples Metagenome
PRJNA167727  Kim Handley (?); Laura’s submission of RBG-2, 9, 1351 and Chloroflexi from 3 depths is associated with this (RBG project) Metagenome
PRJNA262935  Rifle 16ft 4 Metagenome (Laura; submitted by JGI) Metagenome
PRJNA217186  Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium RAAC3_TM7_1 (Rose) Metagenomic assembly
PRJNA216121  Parcubacteria bacterium RAAC4_OD1_1 (Rose) Metagenomic assembly
PRJNA217185  candidate division SR1 bacterium RAAC1_SR1_1 (Rose) Metagenomic assembly
PRJNA217183  candidate division WWE3 bacterium RAAC2_WWE3_1 (Rose) Metagenomic assembly
PRJNA208744  candidate division ZIXI bacterium RBG-1 (Cindy) Metagenomic assembly
PRJNA268032  Reconstruction of novel archaeal genomes from metagenomic groundwater sample (Cindy) Metagenomic assembly
 PRJNA269172 Rifle Groundwater ribosomal proteins for Archaea Targeted Locus (Loci)
 PRJNA169373  Registered 26-Jun-2012 (?) Targeted Locus (Loci)
PRJNA763246  Rifle Groundwater ribosomal proteins for Archaea (Cindy)  Targeted Locus (Loci)


  • add better descriptions to some of the older projects to better distinguish them
  • add other 2 Moleculo projects under Rifle umbrella (Genome sequencing project type) — PRJNA263279 (4m / 13ft; also needs title changed) and PRJNA263284 (6m / 19 ft)
  • submit Rifle ACD contig-to-bin lookup to fix lack of specificity of taxonomy hits against “sediment metagenome”