Setup Development Server on Mac

Install Applications

While this document is written for Mac installation, the software needed to run ggKbase includes: ruby, rbenv, rbenv-vars, sidekiq, puma, redis, mariadb, elasticsearch.

xcode (mac development toolkit)

xcode-select --install

homebrew (mac application manager)

# Full doc:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

rbenv (ruby environment manager)

# Full doc:
brew install rbenv #this also installs ruby-build, needed to install other Ruby version

NOTE: If you are NOT on Mac, you need to install ruby-build plugin manually:

git clone ~/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build

Install rbenv vars plugin, needed for environmental variables

git clone $(rbenv root)/plugins/rbenv-vars


rbenv install 2.5.0 # as of 1/30/2018
rbenv rehash
rbenv global 2.5.0 # set it to be global


gem update --system
gem install bundler


brew install redis
# test redis 
redis-cli ping # Expected response is PONG
tokyo-cabinet (key-pair hash)
brew install tokyo-cabinet

mariadb (a variant of mysql)

brew install mariadb
# Follow on screen instruction for post-installation setup

Set up database and import data

mysql -uroot
create database ggkbase_development;
exit #exit database
scp gg:/home/bcthomas/.... # NEED NEW TRAINING DB
mysql -uroot ggkbase_development < NEW TRAINING DB

elasticsearch (search engine)

brew install elasticsearch

# NOT NECESSARY, but if you need to edit the configuration files they are
# elasticsearch.yml and jvm.options in /usr/local/etc/elasticsearch

# Fire up elasticsearch
brew services start elasticsearch

Set up development site (in development mode)

git clone project
git clone

git update local master branch

# Assuming you are in ggkbase development directory
git pull origin master
# If/when you run into conflict over Gemfile.lock, run the following before pulling
git checkout Gemfile.lock

install gems

bundle config set path 'vendor/bundle'
bundle install

set up rbenv-vars for environmental variables

cp .rbenv-vars.example .rbenv-vars

#import variables to change are
# Secret key base
SECRET_KEY_BASE # must be unique from all other keys

# Database configurations

# ES

update Database

RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails db:migrate

launch ggKbase server

# Start redis
./ start # When started successfully: Starting redis... all set

# Start sidekiq
RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails sidekiq:start
# Check whether sidekiq started successfully
tail -f log/sidekiq.log # The last line should be: Sidekiq Pro 3.3.3, commercially licensed. Thanks for your support!

# Start puma (application server)
RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails server

If all goes well, you should be able to load up the site at localhost:3000.

elasticsearch indexing

# Create the ES index defined in rbenv-vars
RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails es:create:index 

# To index the whole database
RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails es:index

setting up the account with Admin role and Import ability

# login into the console
bin/rails c
# add admin role to user
user = User.find_by email:""
# every user has "member" role as default
user.roles << Role.create(title:"admin")
# setting "banfield" flag to true for import
Update Needed:
Connect to taxonomy database: PRJNA273161_taxid_overrides
Add this file to github repo