Install WordPress Plugins

If you need additional functionalities and features for this WordPress site, the first thing you should do is to find WordPress plugins that will fulfill your needs. Given how long the WordPress has been around and the size of the community, the chances are that there are plugins out there that will meet our needs. So, here are the steps to finding and installing plugins.

  1. Google search for WordPress plugins. For example, I need a plugin that will give me a list of posts in a certain category as a widget on the sidebar. I would search: “WordPress plugin list category widget.” There might be a number of them, so look at their description to find out.
  2. Usually, the plugin link will land you in the WordPress plugin page for that plugin. If you decide to use that plugin, copy the URL link to the plugin
  3. SSH into the ggkbase server.
  4. Go to /work/phpapps/ggkbase_help_wp/wp-content/plugins.
  5. Run “wget (paste the link to the plugin).” This command will download the plugin.
  6. Unzip the downloaded file.
  7. Log into the admin section of ggkbase-help.
  8. Click on Plugins on the left sidebar.
  9. Activate the plugin once you find it.
  10. You might need to configure the plugin’s settings.

That’s it. You will have more functionalities!!!