Curated Genome Import User Interface

Genome curation is a manual process for improving the genetic sequence of a bin with the end goal of producing a single, circularized, and complete genome. Often times, that ideal cannot be reached, but curation is still important for fixing assembly errors and generally improving the structure of a given bin. The curation process takes place outside of ggKbase using a variety of tools.

A curated genome is re-imported into ggKbase. You should reflect the curation results by editing the organism.


Link to “Edit Organism.”

Curation Status

There are a number of ways you can curate genomes outside of ggKase.

  • Manually curated: Hands-on manual process for improving the genetic sequences in the bin
  • Auto curated: Genomes can also be curated using a curation program, in which case, they would be flagged as “Auto curated.”

Completion Status

Depending on the curation result, a genome can be incomplete (default for uncurated genomes), essentially complete, or complete/closed.

  • Incomplete: The default status of a new bin.
  • Essentially complete:
  • Complete / closed:
Curation flags in Edit Organism form.

Curation flags in Edit Organism form.